Well, That’s A Bold Statement

And a gorgeous one, too!

We’ll show you why spring’s #1 jewelry trend is the most OMG of all.

After several seasons of sweet and simple, demure tastes have been replaced with all things bold and glitzy. In other words, drama is taking center stage.

Statement jewelry ranging from eye-popping pendants to jaw-dropping earrings are currently coveted for their ability to steal the spotlight. Now if you’re thinking all this ornate-ness is too, too much, we’ve curated a collection that falls somewhere between lovely and “look at you!”. Intricate and embellished for sure, but with just enough flashy fun to set you apart in the best way possible.

Get ready to make a wow-worthy entrance with our suggestions for (almost) over-the-top accessories that switch up your favorite everyday pieces with unmistakable joie de ve.

Instead of classic pearls, try the…

Lavish with luster, posh with polish, these pearl creations have the kind of stop-and-stare style power worthy of a ten thousand Instagram likes. And while yes, they certainly dazzle, don’t wait for a special event to wear them. Even your morning jaunt to the coffee house provides the ideal setting to show off their luminescent glamour.
Variant Image
White Sands Earrings C145430
White Sands Earrings
1 color
Livia Pearl Drop Necklace
Sold Out
1 color

Instead of classic hoops, try the…

There’s probably no other accessory in your jewelry box that works harder than your dainty hoops. And while always a safe bet, sometimes a girl needs to take risks. Our hoop alternatives still offer the circular charm you know and love, however, their sphere of influence spreads far and wide to create a look of absolute astonishment.

Instead of classic studs, try the…

Mini yet magnificent, these post earrings are overflowing with panache thanks to its sensational hues and radiant sparkle. They’ll get noticed from across the room, especially when they're stacked with other ornate earpieces.

Instead of a simple chain bracelet, try the…

Expressive is never excessive. Especially when it comes to these gorgeous and glamorous bracelets. Putting the extra in extravagant, their heavy-handed beauty is impossible to miss. And speaking of hands, should you speak with yours, these big bangles do an amazing job of punctuating the most important points of your story.
Variant Image
Roman Cuff Bracelet C186424
Roman Cuff Bracelet
1 color
Variant Image
Gloria Cuff Bracelet C217540
Gloria Cuff Bracelet
2 colors

Instead of a simple single-strand necklace, try the…

Warning: Slip on your sunglasses before looking directly at these dazzling designs… their color and brilliance are blinding! So much vibrance, so much sparkle—they do more than make a statement; they sing a symphony of high style and glamour.
Variant Image
Kala Necklace C144152
Kala Necklace
$130.00 $175.00
2 colors
Variant Image
Sunbeam Necklace C146969
Sunbeam Necklace
1 color

Instead of a simple pendant necklace, try the…

Try these extra large pendants on for siiiiighs—their intricate designs and lavish colors are incredibly dreamy. Bold in the best way possible, they’ll bring an endless stream of compliments your way. But the best part? They’re practically an entire outfit themselves. Pair them with simple tees or dresses and they’ll instantly dial up the drama past 10.
Variant Image
Avant Garden Pendant Necklace C144297
Avant Garden Pendant Necklace
2 colors
Variant Image
Evelina Necklace C207053
Evelina Necklace
1 color

And don’t forget to pile on the charm!

If you haven’t already guessed, layering lavishly is a gorgeous way to make a statement. But there is an art to getting the look juuuuuust right. Start with these foundation necklaces and add on several more in varying lengths and with a variety of pendants and charms. When the words “whoa, that’s a lot!” come to mind, you’re done!
Variant Image
Olivia Pearl Long 6-in-1 Necklace C145461
Olivia Pearl Long 6-in-1 Necklace
$132.00 $175.00
1 color
Variant Image
Marin Layered Necklace C145309
Marin Layered Necklace
2 colors
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