Stack, Sparkle, Pop: Cuff Up This Winter With Sensational Bracelets

It’s nothing but love for these beautiful bangles.

You can feel it in the air, that brisk snap when you step outside. And you can see it on your social feeds as your single friends have suddenly (and surprisingly) coupled up. There’s only one explanation: Cuffing season is coming—where sweater weather meets "let's snuggle together.” Typically starting when the leaves turn Instagrammable shades of red and gold and ending just after you've taken the last sip of your Valentine's Day champagne, cuffing season, for better or worse, has been deemed the most romantic time of the year.

But who says your cuffing needs to be with another person? Not us! We think the ultimate romantic statement can come in the form of an accessory, a true cuff, as in a love-it-at-first-sight bracelet.

Now, deciding what type of bracelet to couple with… that all depends on what type of romantic you are.

The Timeless Romantic

You're the kind of person who still believes in handwritten love letters and dinner by candlelight. So, when it comes to bracelets, you swoon over the classics. Darling, it’s a match made in style heaven when you latch onto pearl or gold bracelets.
Variant Image
Cora Pearl Bracelet C146490
Cora Pearl Bracelet
3 colors

The Hopeless Romantic

You’re a daydreamer, a moonlight lover, and Ed Sheerhan's ballads always make you misty. So of course your ideal bracelet is one that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve.
Variant Image
Roman Cuff Bracelet C186424
Roman Cuff Bracelet
1 color

Modern Romantic

Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy, swipe-right champion? We got you. Your ideal bracelet? Something bold and eye-catching that can slide right into any situation.
Variant Image
Gloria Cuff Bracelet C217540
Gloria Cuff Bracelet
2 colors
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