Back To School

A crash course in picking perfect accessories for heading back to campus.

Beep, beep—“Keep it moving…”
“Mom, I forgot my backpack!”
“Hey! You’re coming to the PTA meeting tonight, right?” 

Ahhh… the sounds of being back on campus—and back to the chaos of school life. Between finding lost permission slips, packing lunches, and practicing times tables, finding time to put together a “look” can feel impossible. Moms need a break, and Holly Yashi is here to help.

Wearing our jewelry is one less worry because you know you’ll always look beautiful—whether you’re wearing jeans, a dress, or your pajamas. Every busy mom needs set-it-and-forget-it pieces they can wear for days on end. But what makes our designs extra inviting is that their creative style matches your own. Fun, a little fabulous, but far from fussy, these looks let the “you” shine through. So you can conquer Monday morning carpool and cruise into Friday night soccer practice with a bit of glam that makes the effort (and your never ending checklist of to-do’s) a little brighter.

For Simply Elegant Moms

An overabundance of bling is not your thing. Just a few chic and stylish pieces are all you need to shine bright. The Emelia, Bonita Post, and Petite Plumeria earrings add the perfect pop brilliance without being over the top. And the Fields of Gold Necklace completes your pretty style story with a bit of gleam and glow.
Variant Image
Karis Earrings C147321
Karis Earrings
4 colors
Variant Image
Ella Beaded Necklace C137730
Ella Beaded Necklace
$75.00 $100.00
3 colors

For Classic Moms

Does timeless and tasteful jewelry strike your fancy? Then let the everyday-elegant allure of Riley, Petra, or Luca lead the way. These best-sellers are beloved for their goes-great-with-everything attitude. And our Gloria Cuff Bracelet will finish your look with a fun flourish.
Variant Image
Petra Earrings C152947
Petra Earrings
2 colors
Variant Image
Gloria Cuff Bracelet C217540
Gloria Cuff Bracelet
2 colors
Variant Image
Shelby Earrings C144593
Shelby Earrings
4 colors

For Modern Moms

Showing up and standing out, you’re all for it! So, of course you want your style to make a statement. And you can be sure the Thalia, Seren, or Lana earrings will spark vibrant conversations. But if you really want to keep the crowd talking, layer on the Marin and Vail necklaces for a striking message that comes through loud and clear.
Variant Image
Seren Earrings C144905
Seren Earrings
3 colors
Variant Image
Gemma Necklace C217539
Gemma Necklace
2 colors

For Nature-Loving Moms

If you’re a big believer that important lessons can be learned from hitting the trails as well as the books, your go-to glam will shine with leaves, wings, and feathers. Look to the Sugar Maple, Healing Leaf, and Picaflor earrings to show off your love of all things outdoorsy. Bonus: Each of these earrings has a matching necklace for a double dose of eco-chic allure.
Variant Image
Healing Elm Leaf Necklace C145218
Healing Elm Leaf Necklace
2 colors
Variant Image
Healing Leaf Earrings C145218
Healing Leaf Earrings
3 colors

For Colorful Moms

There’s never a dull moment when you’re around. New restaurant? Town festival? Your friends know you’ll be the first one there. Because for you, chasing rainbows is an everyday event—and you’re fantastic at catching them. And since your zest for life is so infectious, so is your sense of style. For you, the brighter and bolder, the better. So the Quinn Earrings, Gianna Necklace, and Roman Cuff Bracelet will be the essential pieces that put your vibrant charms on display.
Variant Image
Thalia Earrings C143277
Thalia Earrings
2 colors
Variant Image
Gianna Necklace C143280
Gianna Necklace
1 color
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