5 Self-Care Tips for Empowered Women

Fall For You

We're amazed by women who exude strength and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Every day, our customers, team members, friends, and loved ones demonstrate that women are truly capable of anything, including living their best lives while enduring daily obstacles. Recovering from a challenging disease like cancer and being a survivor feels especially close to us.

To honor the inspiring women who overcome hurdles like these and many others, we designed our Fall For You collection. The repeating mountain motifs throughout the Diana pieces represent the power of women pursuing their dreams and passions, despite all odds, while the female form and floral motifs seen in the other pieces represent the femininity, strength and resilience of the women who wear and love our jewelry.

One important aspect of thriving as an empowered woman is showing up confidently in the world and holding your own space. We believe self care plays an important role in maintaining your emotional reserves and being your best self. Keep reading for our five favorite self-care tips.

Wind down with bubbles

One of the most fun ways to prioritize self-care is to schedule time for a bubble bath. Stepping into a warm tub of water filled with your favorite essential oils or abundant bubbles is a fun and pleasant way to unwind. You can purchase an inflatable bath pillow to make an ordinary tub more comfortable or a tray for holding your favorite book and a glass of wine. At our Arcata store, we sell a number of products to help make bath time more enjoyable.
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Take-Out Gift Box of 4 Lavender Treats C148028
Take-Out Gift Box of 4 Lavender Treats
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Rose Skincare Gift Box C147955
Rose Skincare Gift Box
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Organize your space

Taking time to arrange and organize your space can be an effort, but it's truly one of the most powerful acts of self-care. You can remove clutter and create a more calming and pleasant environment. We also recommend auditing all the clothing and accessories in your closet and donating what you no longer wear. You'll feel better knowing that you're only holding onto what you love and what looks best on you. For organization, we also recommend our jewelry cases, boxes, and dishes, which can help keep your jewelry in order.
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Holly Yashi Signature Jewelry Case C147841
Holly Yashi Signature Jewelry Case
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Lotus Jewelry Cache Dish
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Spend time with a pet or animal

Research shows that spending time with animals is proven to decrease cortisol levels and lower blood pressure. If you have a beloved pet, then you know first-hand the power of their presence. One of the best forms of self-care is to spend more time with animals, whether that means going for longer walks with your dog or cuddling with your cat (be sure to spoil them with our adorable custom pet tags). If you don't have a pet, you can consider fostering or adopting. If that's not an option, you can always volunteer at your local animal shelter.

Enjoy nature

The mountain and floral motifs in the Fall For You collection are inspired by nature and its immense beauty. When you spend time in nature, you'll likely feel more grounded and connected to your powerful inner voice. Studies say that exposure to nature lowers stress, improves mood, and can even help you feel more empathetic. A simple walk in the park can be just enough to boost endorphins on a busy day.
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Shelby Beaded Necklace C144688
Shelby Beaded Necklace
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Healing Leaf Earrings C145218
Healing Leaf Earrings
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Accentuate your best features

When you feel your best, then you can also be your best self in the world. By accentuating your most beautiful natural features, you'll feel more confident and prepared for any challenge. What are some of the clothing items and jewelry pieces that make you feel most like yourself? If you're not sure how to accessorize, then you should definitely check out our blog post about "Earrings for Your Face Shape". What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care? Follow us on Instagram @hollyyashi and tag us in a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite activity.
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Ayla Earrings C153040
Ayla Earrings
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Connie Petite Hoop Earrings C152915
Connie Petite Hoop Earrings
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Eternity Necklace C144628
Eternity Necklace
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Odette Narrow Split Cuff Bracelet C144289
Odette Narrow Split Cuff Bracelet
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